SOUTHPAW!!?? What is that?

Have you ever been skiing and reached a cliff and wondered how high it was?
Have you ever been moving furniture and needed to figure out how much space you had but didn't want to deal with the annoying tape measurer?
Well worry no more! This is the Southpaw.  A tape measurer and a glove all in one!

Using simple modern technology this wonderful new device may just be exactly what you are looking for.  

The Southpaw is a fairly simple device in theory but much more difficult to actually make work.  It collects data from a sonar range finder, converts that data to a distance, and displays the distance on the built in LCD screen.  Lights on the tip of the fingers indicate that the microprocessor is receiving power and provide a very esthetically pleasing addition to the Southpaw.

Step 1: Cut Open the Glove

This part is somewhat optional, although we found it quite necessary for the aesthetics of the glove.  Make a cut in the top of the glove, going all the way across the palm, and down the wrist, where you can store the lilypad/LCD screen setup.  You may use an exacto-knife or dethreader, although the knife is much easier if you can clean it up nicely afterwards.  Pull out any excess material in the glove (there was a bunch of fuzz in our glove which was part of what made it thick).  This is where the lilypad/LCD screen setup will go.  Cut a square big enough to fit your LCD screen near the wrist of the glove, and check that the screen fits into this.  

Next, sew a zipper (you can find one at any hardware store) into the slit, so that you can access the internal components for troubleshooting/repair.
woah... I would have never thought of that! that is a great idea!

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