What are gnocchi? [nok-ee,noh-kee;It.nyawk-kee] Gnocchi are a small italian dumpling made with potato, flour and egg or ricotta cheese, egg and flour. Gnocci are easy 2 make, 2 cooled baked potatos, one egg and a little flour, mix and form into a skinny snake then cut off 1/2" pieces and boil, they do require a little counter space which I lack and making them causes a mess. My local grocery recently had buy 2 whole wheat gnocchi packages for $5.00 and get 2 free...works for me !

 I like gnocchi served the usual way, boiled with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese but I also like to experiment, fry the boiled then dried gnocchi in bacon drippings and serve with bleu cheese and bacon dressing like a pirogi or saute in butter with red onions and jalapenos.

This meal took 45 minutes to make but you could skip the baking and broiler and be eating in 20 minutes and it is FILLING !

Step 1: Lets Get Started !

here's what I used...
about 3/4lb of ground beef, feel free to substitute ground turkey or chicken
1 package of premade whole whear gnocchi
 1 jar of nacho cheese dip
 1/3 package of cream cheese (not shown)
 half a jar of chunky salsa
 green peppers
 diced onion ( I used half of the one shown)
Gonna be making this soon! I'll come back with how it went over. :)
thank you for the confidence in my experimental dish, I have made this or a slight variation (different cheese sauce/seasonings) several times since posting this "ible" and gotten great comments. There is NEVER a similar dish at a potluck dinner !
A combo of two of my favorite cuisines! Looks very tasty, I'll have to make this!
I'm sorry that I missed your comment on my gnocchi casserole when you made it. If you do make the dish please let us know what you think

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