An envelope book in order to keep all the little souvenirs of the year.

Step 1: Choice of the Theme (here Guardian Angels)

I discover that a guardian angel belongs to each month of the year, perfect theme for the new year.

12 envelopes 9 cm x 14 cm, I printed each with its monthly angel.

The camel color envelopes highlights old paintings and liturgical icons.

Cut the paper that exceeds from the flap of each envelope.

Step 2: The Spine

Make an accordion in drawing paper.

Height = envelopes height
Width = 1.5 cm per fold
Number of accordion = number of envelopes + 1

Step 3: Page Assembly

Glue the back of the envelope on the right side of the accordion.

The accordion is not glued to leave place for the envelopes to be filled.

Step 4: The Cover

Cut 2 covers in cardboard, envelope size + 4mm in width and height.
Decorate as desired. I glued black fabric on the cardboard and with my Silhouette I made a stencil to apply gold paint.

Step 5: Spine Assembly

Glue 3 pieces of ribbon on the first accordion.
Glue loosely the other ends on the last accordion (I left 2 cm for the spine).

Warning : the ribbons are not glued on the spine and they must have the same length.

Step 6: Page & Cover Assembly

Glue the first accordion and ribbons on a cover.
Do the same with the other cover.

Step 7: Finishes

Cut 2 pieces of card stock (same size as the envelopes) to make end papers (and hide the assembling of the book).
(Your souvenirs under the protection of the guardian angels – Merry Christmas and Happy new year) – (Done with my hands from the bottom of my heart)

I wish you a very good year.
May this book being filled only with good souvenirs!

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<p>I am going to make one for each of my nieces.</p>
<p>Your comment motivates me to (finally) publish the 2017 souvenirs book!<br>Have a look at it <a href="https://faitmain-faitcoeur.fr/cardboard/another-envelope-souvenirs-book/">HERE</a>.</p>
<p>I have a box of coin envelopes somewhere. I think it would be perfect to make a small version of this--pocket sized. I also want to make one out of bigger envelopes for each of the girls. It would also make a great gift for a child just starting kindergarten. There can be one envelope for each year of school. The child would have to pick just the right mementos for each year of school.</p>
lovely liked that
I'm a scrapbooker. What a great idea! I definitely need to make one of these! Nicely done.
<p>Thanks and happy New Year.</p>
<p>Great idea! I'll have to try this soon!</p>
<p>Thanks! (and thanks for your vote ;-) )</p>
<p>So nice; and the vintage color of the enveloppes looks so good with the angels pics</p>
<p>Thanks ;-)</p><p>Best wishes for the New Year</p>
<p>Great idea and very well illustrated. My whole family needs one of these. I'd better buy envelopes in bulk!</p>
<p>Thanks!</p><p>In France we have a proverb : &quot;<em>shoemakers are the worst shod</em>&quot;, start by one for you ;-)</p><p>Happy New Year</p>
<p>Wow, great build and excellent instructable. Great photos and step-by-steps. Nice Work!</p>
<p>Thanks and happy New Year!</p>
<p>I like how you did the binding of the book - very elegant with the fan folds and the envelopes for pages. With larger envelopes and covers then each month would be able to hold more - like pages from a child's school work.</p>
<p>Thanks!</p><div>I made this one for a friend who likes mini-books. If my children were still young, I would have surely made a big to keep all their little drawings ;-)<br></div>
<p>That's lovely! </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>A clever, useful idea. I like it.</p>
it's awesome
<p>This looks so pretty.</p><p>And the envelopes are a great place for keeping your souvenirs.</p>
<p>Oh, this is such a good idea! My receipts probably don't need to be guarded by angels, but they do need to be organized! :)</p>
Thanks! <br>Guardian angels can be usefull all the year long... ?

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