Picture of Soviet Propaganda Lithograph
So you need something like a poster to advertise a rock show, update your FB profile image or print out as a gift for someones wall?

Well it's pretty easy, just follow these steps to make a poster in the style of a Soviet Propaganda Lithograph.
First maybe you should look at some real examples: Soviet Propaganda Research

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Step 1: Create a New Document

Picture of Create a New Document
Step 1:

Open Photoshop and create a new document with the settings 8x10 inches @ 72dpi.

Easy, Yes?

Step 2: Wrinkled paper

Picture of Wrinkled paper
Find an image of wrinkled paper using 'google images' for your background. After working with the rest of the layers that you'll create this wrinkled paper will show through giving the whole image an older feel.

I changed the color and brightness of this image a couple of times over the following steps until I got something which went with my color scheme; I added a 'color mask' with which I set to Multiply at 55% transparency and I adjusted the images hue and saturation a bit.

Step 3: Imagery

Picture of Imagery
Find a picture that you want to add to your poster. Cut away any background from the picture and paste the image as a new layer in front of your wrinkled paper.

Step 4: Desaturate

Picture of Desaturate
Now desaturate the image you just made into a new layer; go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate

If you want to keep some of the original colors go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and reduce the saturation to a desired level.

Step 5: A poster aesthetic...

Picture of A poster aesthetic...
To give your image an aesthetic similar to a lithograph use one of the following filters: Poster Edges, Cutout, or Sumi-e

I used Poster Edges for my first image.

Step 6: The time is now

Picture of The time is now
Ok, so now that you have a basic image for your poster, hopefully you have an idea for what kind of color scheme you want your poster to be (if not, come back to this step later).

Double click on the layers for your image and wrinkled paper and do the following steps:
select color overlay - choose the color you wish
change the Blend Mode to Multiply
then change the Opacity to about between 50 and 75%.
___3 years ago
Hilarious example!
Justin Tyler Tate (author)  ___3 years ago
Thank you! it was just something which came up in conversation.