Step 16: Framing Arcade Box Window

The final touches on the arcade box includes making the sign that goes over the top of the box and cutting the flaps of the box to frame what makes the screen of the arcade. Using a printer I printed the image below, and then glued it to the top flap of the box. You can order a copy of this picture at my DA art gallery at  http://darkrubymoon.deviantart.com/art/Space-Alien-Invasion-203352400
space Alien invasion
Paint the flaps as necessary, preferably using bright fluorescent colors.

Cut the side flaps of the box to be about 1 1/2 inch wide. Use two brads along the corners of the top flap to hold the top flap down and the side flaps in to create a sort-of frame for the screen of the arcade box.  I cut a hole for the reset button to come through on the front bottom right of the box. The bottom flap requires cutting a slot that is about 1/2 inch wide that runs almost the entire length of the bottom flap near the fold. This is where the arm will pass through that holds the gun you will mount on the arcade. To add additional support, I glued two scrap pieces of cardboard along the bottom edge of this cut. That will ensure the arm of the turret gun will slide easily back and forth.
And it's shot in 3D because?...
I can't imagine you would get the full effect in 2d...
Because I just got this nifty new 3D camera... and I've been dying to take some pictures with it :) And because its cool. Who doesn't love to wear red-blue 3D glasses? And because all the movies are doing 3D now... so I figure...why not? <br><br>If this message is a repeat... I thought my first post didn't post : /

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