Step 18: The Black Light

Originally, I intended to simply buy an inexpensive lamp to hold the black light in the arcade box.  Incandescent black-lights, particularly the cheap kind, get extremely hot.  I noticed this when I intended to use black-lights for my niece's birthday party, but we had to turn them off because we worried they were too dangerous to use in a party with lots of kids.  I wanted to use the heat that the black-light generates to turn the fan that makes the aliens of the arcade move.  To do this, I needed to channel, amplify and direct the heat to one side of the fan.  I also wanted to use this same light to light up the interior of the arcade.

Two things you need to consider with the black-light.  First is that black-lights get very hot and therefore there is a fire risk, especially considering the hot light will essentially be confined in a flammable paper housing.  Therefore, it is very important that this light never be left on unattended nor for long periods of time.  The next thing to remember is that black-lights are very dim.  Your arcade is not going to light-up like a Christmas tree.  If you want it to be brighter, you might consider using a standard light-bulb instead.

And it's shot in 3D because?...
I can't imagine you would get the full effect in 2d...
Because I just got this nifty new 3D camera... and I've been dying to take some pictures with it :) And because its cool. Who doesn't love to wear red-blue 3D glasses? And because all the movies are doing 3D now... so I figure...why not? <br><br>If this message is a repeat... I thought my first post didn't post : /

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