Home made (iron beads) Space Invader Lampshade with "glow in the dark" eyes

Sorry for my bad english :D

Step 1: Make a Lot of Iron Beads Space Invader

First you need lot of ironing beads in different colours.
I used the beads from Hama.
The eyes are glow in the dark beads

Step 2: Put All Together

and fix it with a wire (i use silver wire) and a hot needle at the Lamprack

Step 3: Finish :D

<p>SO CREATIVE...loved Space Invaders!!</p>
Thank you :D<br/>The last picture is the lamp in the dark. You can see, that the eyes from the blue and green Invader are glow in the dark
Thank You :D
What a fun idea! I love how the light comes out of the beads :)

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