Step 4: Designing the steel panels

The design for the steel panels required some careful thinking and decision making. It had to be something reasonably recognisable but not over the top. My brother got the idea of a space invaders theme from a card he received for his birthday. Once we knew what we were after we started to draw on CAD in readiness for a CNC plasma machine. We mixed and matched some of the alien types for each panel.
<p>This is absolutely the best! I love it...saved in favorites.</p>
Cool! A possible improvement is to back the steel plates with frosted plexi glass, and edge light them with your existing LEDs. That way the fearsome invaders would be clearer, and you wouldn't have as much light spilling out behind the bar.
You are my hero. I wish I could do something like this one day. You definitely have access to some amazing equipment :)
WOW ! Gotta make one of these one day. Love it !
You got my vote, GREAT job! Wish i had one for my mini bar, A+!

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