Picture of Space Invaders Tie
2011-09-18 10.08.00.jpg
Maybe because I'm Italian, I love ties.
It is not easy to find nice ties and I prefer to customize them alone.

To get results like you see in these photos, and much more you need:
  • a vector graphic software (coreldraw, Illustrator, Inkscape)
  • A vinyl cutter. I use a Roland GX-24.
  • Hot transfers media
  • A heat press or an iron
  • ties without drawings

Step 1: Draw it

Picture of Draw it
To prepare the graphics I downloaded the TTF font "Invaders from space" from the site dafonts.com.

After you have installed the fonts I open CorelDRAW and I placed the aliens, spaceships, and more in the size of my tie.

Since the tie had a texture squares I decided to create the pixel graphics.
From the original (a) I created a grid (b) and I made a boolean operation to get what I wanted (c)

You can download in EPS this result.
protorob2 years ago
E' bellissima, quanta pazienza a spellicolare!
zieak2 years ago
Zibri2 years ago
Bravissimo! :)
giovannire (author)  Zibri2 years ago
Grazie mille!