Picture of Space Origami: Alien Mothership

A mother ship (or mothership) is a vehicle (e.g. ship, aircraft or spacecraft) that leads, serves or carries other, usually smaller vehicles. The concept of a mother ship has achieved prominence in science fiction and UFO lore, extending the idea to spaceships that serve as the equivalent of flagships among a fleet. In this context, mother ship is often spelled as one word: mothership. A mothership may be large enough that its body contains a station for the rest of the fleet.

So, are you ready to make your own Alien Mothership?!

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required

So, to make your Mothership, you will require the following items-

  1. 7 squares of paper (The dimensions of my sheets were 14.8*14.8)
  2. Gluestick/Glue (I used a superglue stick for better adhesion)
hunter9991 year ago

Nice! Good job! I might try this later... :-)

akshat21045 (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Why thanks!

No problemo!

akshat21045 (author)  akshat210451 year ago

Oh! and be sure to vote too (after I get confirmation).

Yep, I will! Just drop a message on my OB when its open and I will happily vote! :-)