I had one of those metal tie racks that hang from a clothing bar and for me, it just wasn't cutting it.  The ties were hard to take off and I had to move a bunch of them to see the ties underneath.  I was also running out of tie space.  So I decided to make a tie rack that would not only give me more places to put ties, but that would save me some space!

Step 1: The Setup

The closet in my apartment is pretty small and when the door is closed, my suits rest right up against the door.  This prevented me from putting a tie rack on the door.  The side wall had some space, but a bunch of pegs across the wall would have only allowed me to hang a limited number of ties.

So I thought if I made an arm with pegs on it that swung down to store the ties against the wall and swung up to access the ties it would not only give me more space, but allow me to see where each tie was.
<p>Just what I needed! I had no hinges around so I made a U-shaped bracket, drilled for the dowel and screwed to the wall. Mini clothespins hold pocket squares to the bottom dowel.</p>
Great idea for my mess of ties. If you reversed the hinge so the tie bar folded down, resting at a 90 Degree angle on the hinge when &quot;down&quot;, you would not have to hold up to add/remove ties. I think a magnetic cabinet catch should be strong enough to hold in the &quot;up&quot; position to tuck ut of the way.
Awesome! Already built one for myself and it is compact and organized! Worked for all my ties and bow ties.
This is awesome!! I'm gonna build it tomorrow!
Very nice! I like the second and third photos in your last step. They show very clearly what you've done. (They might be good to put up in your intro.)

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