Here is a cheap, quick, and flexible way to make a creative, space-themed playspace/bedroom for your child. 


Your rear shields are nearly fried as you dodge laser blasts, skidding your rogue ship into the bay of this backwater space station.

Han proceeded to take out the last of the Empire's guard ships with the Millennium Falcon's lower quadcannon, while Chewie was stabilizing the damage from the skirmish and amping the jamming signal to redline.  In an instant, the Falcon's new jamming array silenced .75 light-years worth of communication signals, obliterating all digital evidence for this melee. 

Han thought, "She never could have done that without some serious generosity from the Rebel military fleet - without it we'd have had Imperial warships down our necks in minutes. I can't believe the perks I get by joining up with the Good Guys!" 

You feel Han's voice vibrate the headset, "You're all clear, Kid!  Let's extract "Her Highness" and get outta here before we get company!"  He remembered the Death Star.  Obi-Wan wasn't here to help them this time, and even though you know the Emperor is dead, feel an unease in the Force, knowing that the battle of freedom from the Empire has only just begun. 

Step 1: Find Your Furniture

I had initially planned to build something like the Blast-Off Bed from scratch, or to adapt a thrift-store bedroom set to our needs. 

Option 1:  Check out local thrift stores and craigslist to find modifiable furniture. 
Option 2:  Build the bed from used pallets, recycled wood, or whatever you need from your local hardware store
Option 2:  Buy something as sustainably made as you can find for what you can afford.

Whatever you get, have fun and be creative when designing the "shipification" process.  We ended up picking out an IKEA-like futuristic looking set made in Canada (relatively local).
<p>Your really love your little one ^^</p>
Nice work and so creative!
I'm 31 and I really want to do this to my room! It looks great! I would've loved to have this as a kid. I still might do something like this because it's just so awesome! Good job, I voted for you!<br>
This is just adorable. Very creative. :)

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