Space Tower (Knex Ball Machine)





Introduction: Space Tower (Knex Ball Machine)

My newest ball machine: Space Tower! 12 paths, 3 networks.  If you like it, please vote for me in the "Toy Rods and Connectors Contest".  Thank you!

Step 1: Micro Path

3 railed path, but made out of micro pieces instead of normal.

Step 2: Two Directional Lowering Arm

The centerpiece of the tower.  The ball can roll across in either direction, and will be lowered onto the track below.  I wouldn't make it any longer, because it already has problems twisting from the weight of the ball. Also uses the largest counterweight I've ever built.

Step 3: Rocket

I used it as a path, having the ball roll across it from one end to the other.  However, it needs to be PERFECTLY rotated, or the ball will fall off of the side.

Step 4: Covered Path

Good for straight sections, and vertically flexible.  Turns are near impossible.

Step 5: Space Shuttle Basket

I modified the Shuttle Orbiter model, putting a hole in the bottom so that it can be used as a basket.

Step 6: Satellites

Since it was space themed, I decided to add some satellites as decoration.

Step 7: Yellow Connector Path Turnaround

A turnaround I made for the standard yellow connector path. The speed of the ball needs to be pretty precise, or it won't work.

Step 8: Crossroads

I've seen a few of these on Instructables, but none that are exactly the same, so I'll post mine.

Step 9: Whiplash Loop

A custom whiplash loop I made.  Difficult to get the landing exactly right, but pretty cool when it works.

Step 10: Attaching a Frame to an I-Beam

I did something similar in Four Flags, but this system works much better. Quite stable, can be used to hang sections from ceiling.  Used to support Skyrail.



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    That's awesome! Very cool elements, and I like how you built some satellites to add, a creative extra to give a ball machine a theme. I voted :D

    Thanks for the vote! I voted for yours as well.

    Glad to vote this is super awesome!

    Wow, very good! I voted :) I like some elements in here so I favorited

    If it's a ball machine, you'll know I'll vote for it :-) I especially like the path where the ball bounces off the floor. Does it work every time?

    Yes because I used a larger basket. Thanks for the vote!

    Cool! I like the theme and Knexmen, and the path names were a good addition. :-)