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Hi this is my first instructable and is for "I made it"

I did this when i have to paint the bedroom of my brother and in a moment of inspiration i say "why not", i always wanna do something like this, the project only last a few hours in the wall but hope that last more in the web and other people say "why not".


demonfox (author)2011-03-11

if you didn't say it was supposed to be a space invader, I never would have known.

lord_kian (author)demonfox2011-03-11

Maybe this isn't the original design is more like inspired by space invader.

wholegrain (author)lord_kian2011-03-20

Ha!. I knew immediately that this was a space invader. Look at you. Now look at me. We look nothing alike. Same for space invaders - for real :)

Browncoat (author)demonfox2011-03-13


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