Space Saving Loft Bed for a Bookworm/night Owl (NOT IN CHICAGO AREA)





Introduction: Space Saving Loft Bed for a Bookworm/night Owl (NOT IN CHICAGO AREA)

Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge

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Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge

So here's my situation. I currently share a bedroom with my younger brother, so i only get half a room to myself. Being the creative teen that I am, i just can't let this slide. So here's the idea. If i can't get more floor space to myself, why not utilize the air above me for space? And thus the loft bed idea was born. I found some ideas online, but none really suited my needs as a night-time reader. i like to read in bed. so as such i decided to use my (Officially certified{Yes i have a certificate to prove it}) skills in Autodesk AutoCAD to design my very own. A few things i had to take into consideration:
1: The ceiling is 8ft high, so the bed itself has to be about 5ft or so.
2: I only have about 8' x 3' of floorspace to work with.
3:I need light to read by, a softer light than that of the ceiling fan.
4: as plans for a future project involving space currently occupied by my dilapidated dresser, i decided to incorporate a wardrobe of sorts to the design.
(Entry for the improve your room youth design challenge. please vote for me ^*^)

-=|UPDATE 11/12/13|=-

     I'm currently working on a new and improved version of this design. same concept, just a ton of improvements. thank you all for your constructive criticisms and I'm taking them into account. The bed looks more "Solid" now, and I'll be posting it as a separate instructable and entering it into the contest, so seeya soon. <(^-^<( 

-=|UPDATE 1/21/2014|=-

AutoCAD is being a pain and as a result I've had to scrap al of my progress on this project and start anew as the file got corrupted somehow. Looks like I'm Starting over.

Loft Bed Remake, Take 2


Step 1: A Solid Foundation

The first thing i needed was a rough frame to start.

Step 2: Dress for Success

Now as i built upon the frame i thought of different features that would prove useful to me, like a bookshelf and a wardrobe.

Oh and a mattress. I could definitely use a mattress. 

I also took into account that the bed would not sit up against the wall perfectly due to the floorboards. the one's shown in this rendering are 3/8" inch thick.

Step 3: Light the Way

Now i decided that I'm going to need some light to read by, so why not the mellow light of some RGB mixed LEDs? also added a back to the bookshelf along with lights under the bed for general purpose.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

     And thats about it. I had a blast designing this one, and it only took about 13 hours spanning 2 weeks to finish. I plan to build this one as well as incorporate a beanbag chair for reading under the bed. I'll be sure to post that as i build it.

     Until next time, Peace out.



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Just FYI

Very cool.
I personally think it needs some adjusting. I can't imagine the side with the steps would be able to withstand much weight. Having something diagonally rather than standing straight up puts a lot more pressure on the joists, nails holding that side up. I think you would definitely need something a couple of 4x4's or something to bring some of that weight to the floor rather than on the joists.
It would have to be VERY structurally build for that side not to slide out causing the whole unit to go down.
But, this is a very cool design. That's my only critique.
I sure as hell couldn't design something like this 3D rendered. I took construction academy, and I can build just about anything, but I definitely could render this design. good job

Thanks so much for the critique. Yea that's the one part of it that I knew needed improvement. What if i connected a beam as a brace reaching from the bookshelf/ladder to the beam supporting the back corner. Do you think that would fix it?

would you use nails or screws????????

my mouse double clicked and posted the same comment twice XD

Best idea ever except for the fact that I can't do that because my ceiling is about 6 feet high and I can touch it.

It used to be like upstairs storage because my mom uses the attic as an art studio.