Space-saving Studio Monitors/Speakers Stands





Introduction: Space-saving Studio Monitors/Speakers Stands

1. Studio monitors not at ear level
2. wasted desk real estate

- Speaker stands that clamp to the side of the desk!

Step 1: Materials

- Ikea EKBY TÖRE brackets x 4
- screws, or of appropriate sizes according to EKBY TÖRE instruction.
- 8 in x 24 in shelf, or something of appropriate dimension for your speaker footprint.
- 1 roll of non-slip drawer liner
- [optional] sand paper, masking tape and spray paint

- The Ikea brackets have a max. load of 33 lb. Make sure your monitor/speaker is within the weight limit.

Step 2: Measure, Cut & Paint

1. Measure the length and width of your speaker. In my case, around 7 in x 7.9 in for the M-Audio BX5a.
2. Measure the length of the XLR or 1/4" TS connector coming out of the back of the speaker to accomodate for space clearance if necessary.
3. Cut board/shelf slightly larger than the footprint of the speaker. In my case, 7.5 in x 8 in rectangles.
4. Optionally sand and spray-paint the parts. Remember to take out the clamps prior to painting.

Step 3: Assemble!

- Assemble each speaker stand according to the EKBY TÖRE instructions.
- I intentionally offseted the shelf forward by about 0.75 inch for more clearance toward the back of the speaker stands; allowing more spacing against the back wall.

Step 4: Finish

I added 2 layers of non-slip liner between the speakers and the speaker stands to provide stability and a bit of sound dampening.

1. Cut non-slip toolbox drawer liner to the size of the speaker stand. in my case roughly 7.5 in x 8 in.
2. Clamp speaker stands to desk, place liners on top and finally position and calibrate speakers!

Enjoy great music!

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Where can one buy the EKBY TORE brackets. I tried Ikea USA and they do not seem to exist anymore.

Ive been into car audio 25 years and learned some things over the years so if you guys have any questions let me know. Right now for me personally im looking into the small speaker idea. Im more concerned with saving my hearing.

I plan on doing something similar for my own desk, this is great. However, I have 15+lb speakers, so I'll have to figure out something more robust.

Good job, I was going to do something like this for my old M-Audio M30's (small), this would have been perfect.

I would recommend pulling the desk away from the wall and buying or building floor speaker stands to put behind the desk. Just realized this is two years old, so your setup is probably vastly different.

Hah, yeah pretty old. I'm upgraded to some large bookshelfs (Polk RTi6). They're large. Too large. Not sure how I'm going to set them up, they definitely don't like being hidden behind the monitors. :)

Such a great idea! I got sooo much desk space back and now my speakers are at the perfect height. Just need to get a new base made for my monitor stand and elevate those to match. The drawer liner works perfectly, neither speaker moves even if bumped into. I left the stands unpainted as my brackets are silver and that matches nicely with the speaker fronts. Thanks for sharing!

Forgot to add the pictures...


glad you enjoyed it. thank you for sharing your pictures, too!

There's no Ikea nearby, are these brackets typically common in a hardware store?

excellent! and this will have many other applications for raising many things off desk/table level, thanks!