Picture of Space saving folding techniques for cloths.
In this instructable I will show you how to fold your cloths that will save space when traveling. These folding techniques will give a militarized appearance to your laundry.
Since I am equipped with male identifying features my cloths reflect this. Ladies could probably adapt these high speed folding techniques to their wardrobe accordingly.

This instructable will show how to fold the following:
Socks (knee length and crew cut)
Underwear (boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs)

Step 1: Step 1 Wash and sort cloths.

Picture of Step 1 Wash and sort cloths.
It's a good idea to wash your cloths. Dump the cloths onto a bed or something. We will need some space work.

Impressive technique ! Mine is the "throw them on the chair and forget" one... :/

UdyRegan9 months ago

This is an interesting idea for sock storage. Honestly, it's easy enough to do, but what happens if you only have one sock after doing the laundry? What then? Haha!

thematthatter (author)  UdyRegan9 months ago

you can roll the one sock up by itself, or do like i do and throw it in the hamper and hope that you find its mate during the week.

saosport2 years ago
Vacation packing... check. Thanks
mchan93 years ago
Whoa this is really epic, dude. now I can prepare for my 2-week trip. But, still there is one question in my head: how do you handle your pants and shorts? I would appreciate it if you find a solutiong to the question. Anyway that was a Brilliant demo of how you fold your clothing. Thanks!
thematthatter (author)  mchan93 years ago
cargo pants are easier, and shorts.
anything with a big pocket you can roll the legs, turn them inside out in the pocket and the pocket holds everything like a pillow.
fewpcs5 years ago
Definitely works great for my socks, boxers, and gym shorts. Thanks!

For gym shorts I started with them inside out (so that the drawstring stayed on the inside at the end) and then rolled them like the underwear.
siafulinux5 years ago
Fantastic. I went ahead and refolded a number of my clothes and my draw looks really good.  Thanks for this!
krispoore5 years ago
This is great, thanks for sharing. I often wondered what military techniques were employed for space-saving.
Whats curious George like in real life?
thematthatter (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
what are you talking about?
All the Yellow clothing.
thematthatter (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
its really tan clothing
Huh. From here it looks like someone urinated in their underpants.
thematthatter (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
So does ur face! (ha just kidding) They call them "sand panties" standard issue to Army. I don't wear them but I have to keep them because they are on my clothing record.
Are you or were you in the army or something? My friend is and when I was packing for vacation she taught me how to roll everything in my suitcase to save space. Worked out quite well!
thematthatter (author)  rockstaretta7 years ago
Yes. (notice everything is brown, tan, and green) They didnt teach us specifically how to roll things, they just showed us how it was supposed to look. If it was wrong, it got tossed across the bay, with about 23 other peoples stuff. Im not required to roll my laundry now, but i still do because its easier to grab things in the morning. And i can just toss them in a bag when i have to spend the night somewhere.
I used a different method and still managed to pack for a full week's vacations in a small backpack (7 pairs of rolled pants, 7+spare boxer shorts, 10 pairs of socks, 7 t-shirts, a few regular shirts and some personal hygiene products elsewhere). It's great for you to post this because I'm about to go to the army myself and I've been practicing my organizational and space saving techniques (guys at the gym must be wondering why I fold my dirty clothes). Now you've just got to add some elastic bands to store all of your rolls neatly. Thanks!
thematthatter (author)  Esmagamus6 years ago
They stayed rolled up for the most part without any assistance.
Bluemini7 years ago
Won't that stretch the elastic
Hot water would have been much worse for the elastic, so...
thematthatter (author)  Bluemini7 years ago
Ive been doing this for a year now and hadn't had and issues with elastic stretching.
lemurpie6 years ago
army rollls
be careful sometimes the dresser will get top heavy and fall over :)
gdaddyb6 years ago
I was a truck driver for 2 years. I always did this. I just found this website.. I am rofl. It's good if you got limited luggage or space.
Kaelessin6 years ago
Awesome! I'm planning a month long backpacking trek through western europe and this will definitely help!
sconniebabe7 years ago
Hah hah.
this is great.
I've always folded my clothes this way. Especially great if you pack for a trip like I do (where you pack multiple blouses to go with one potential skirt,etc.)
My boyfriend was talking on the phone to me, while packing his suitcase for a two week trip. He was frustrated because he didn't have enough room, so I told him to do this, he laughed. Then started to say "That's the stupidest thing I ever..." then there was a pause, and an ohhhh.
I was needless to say, correct.
How about pants and shorts? Great instructable.
cokecola7 years ago
Dude, them underwear could use some bleach!
thematthatter (author)  cokecola7 years ago
They are tan not white.
Good idea... no visible skid marks! ;) Similar to the way the military teaches recruits to fold clothes.
thematthatter (author)  SurferGeek7 years ago
I'm not sure what the color purpose is but they conform to AR 670-1 and they were free.
hedgiehog7 years ago
that is so awesome, i wonder what kinda wrinkles it will make, definetly have to try this, now you have to show pants and towels, and mb sweaters. awesome, nice green clothing aswell
thematthatter (author)  hedgiehog7 years ago
what is a MB sweater, is that an ebay term?
That'd be awesome for packing for a trip. I hate traveling with lots of bags, but I usually have to take lots of clothes with me and end up with 3 suitcases! hehe I see your underwear!
But if you taught us to fold towels, we could steal them easier!
JakeTobak7 years ago
I vacuum seal all my clothes and then throw them in a garbage compactor for ultimate storage.
thematthatter (author)  JakeTobak7 years ago
What do you do when you open the package at your destination.