Spacebrew + Vibration Sensors + Arduino + Openframeworks

Picture of Spacebrew + Vibration Sensors + Arduino + Openframeworks
Hi everyone,

Lucy Matchett, Nicole Yi Messier, and Joselyn McDonald (Snax_and_Macs) hooked up vibration sensors to an openFrameworks sketch to manipulate different components of the generated digital output. 

We used Arduinos, vibration sensors, resistors, and a paper mache sculpture. 

What you need to get started:

1 Arduino1

5 1 Megaohm resistors

4 vibration sensors 

Paper mache sculpture

Arduino and Processing Applications

Firmata Library for Arduino and Processing

SpaceBrew Library for Processing & openFrameworks 

Our Code
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Step 1: Open openFrameworks sketch

Picture of Open openFrameworks sketch
1. Unzip the spacebrew_vibration folder and place it under myApps.

2. Make sure the spacebrew openFramework libraries are downloaded.  Follow the instructions here to do so. 

3. The sketch is set up to read all 5 analogue readings from arduino.  

4. To use these values in the sketch, place them in the draw value where ever you please. To map them, manipulate the int scale (scale = ofMap(sensor0, 0, 100, 1, 25);).

*In our code, we are manipulating the z-scale value of the output (code: ofScale(1,-1,scale);).  The image is output of the sketch. 

Step 2: Run standardFirmata on Arduino & Set Up Circuit

Picture of Run standardFirmata on Arduino & Set Up Circuit
1. To set up the vibration sensor circuit follow this tutorial

2. To connect the Arduino to Processing, in order to easily get it to talk to Processing we used the Firmata Library, which is already included in the Arduino software package but you will need to download it for processing. It can be found here.

3. You will need to open the Standard Firmata example in Arduino and load this onto your board.

Step 3: Open processing sketch to read vibration sensor values

1. Next open Processing and test that your connection is working. Open an input example from the Firmata library, this will take input from any pin, the only thing you will have to change is the array number that associates with which Arduino you are using.

2. Unzip the attached zip file to read the vibration value from all 5 analogue sensor values and send to openFrameworks via spacebrew.
snoop9115 months ago

I'm trying to do this on a TI Launchpad MSP430 instead of an arduino.. is that possible? First baby steps..

I've installed Processing, code::blocks & openframeworks. Using Energia for the Launchpad, I've compiled the latest, standard Firmata on it and it seems to be running.

My PC's hyperterminal detects a Serial port (COM3) when I plug into the launchpad.

Before going any further, I'd like to see if the Firmata / serial communication actually works between the PC and the board... Is there a sample openframeworks exe that talks the 'Firmata' protocol that can be used to retrieve the version from the launchpad?