Spamtastic alarm clock that looks like a timeless can of spam.It would make an awesome addition to your bedroom, Kitchen, Laboratory or desk.
It can wake up,Alert you when dinners ready, Tell you when your centrifuge is done or when its home time.
The electrics needed severe modifications to fit in the can. it can be run on a 9v battery or there's a jack on the front to allow the use of a dc mains adapter 9-12v
Its fully functional in the dark. in a submarine, at high altitude or velocity.
The case is made from 99.5% recycled materials.
The outer case is dishwasher friendly, this clock is however unfortunate not microwave safe.
Please do not hold me accountable for any sudden weight gain after using this clock.

SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel foods corporation, and is an Acronym of specially processed animal meat yum.there is an official spam clock ,i could only find it on ebay , i prefer mine because it works in the dark.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

clock kit,(note the review, i found it power hungry too)so i had to add the capacitor after completion risky.
really thin wire ,solid,insulated . 0.5mm
9v battery and connector.
push buttons , push to make x3
green led
jack socket for power (optional.)
thin piece of plastic or polycarbonate 2x4inches, a video case will work.
craft foam or a cheap mouse mat.
hot glue gun (essential)
iron and solder
wire cutters
step drill ,drill and small drill bit 3mm
tin snips ,side cutters and files, (to shape the plastic)
sharp knife
Polaroid pogo printer.and Bluetooth device.you could use a regular printer and sticky back paper, i like its plastic finish.
photo program *, scanner or camera*,(either a cracked old version or free trial)
*i have included the image (2 jpegs in a zip file) so you can skip straight to the polaroid pogo printer
Thats so cool! I'm going home to make that.
Thank you, hope you get a good result :-) <br>
<p>Does this kit feature 12 hour time or just 24 hour time?</p>
hi Tucker.<br>its a 24 hour thingy, <br>i would have preferred a 12 hour thingy .<br><br>thanks for looking at this instructable , i hope you can find time to check out my other instructables. :-)<br><br>G
<p>Excellent idea but too much for my patience to bear. Accidentally put the circuit board in a sandwich and wired up the meat!! But seriously, I might use the catering sized tin. And surely you mean 'Enjoy the processed meat of your labour' lol.</p>
<p>It looks like a bomb lol</p>
<p>This should be marked as Spam....</p><p>ba-dum-tssh! lol</p><p>Looks like a great project. Might take a crack at it sometime soon.</p>
Love the intro, great instructions and instructable! Great job :-)
thank you!
Spam is so good. Spam Lite is even better. You can eat twice as much before getting sick. :)
Spam lite ? Similar to low tar cigarettes , or its the same stuff but the serving suggestion image on the can is spam diced into a salad, instead of fried with chips and egg.
eye capt'n
thanks :-)
This is great. A have a SPAM can looking for some electronics to enclose.
great stuff, will u post a pic of your result?
Cool re purpose. I have saved a couple of spam cans waiting for ideas other than pencil cans.
SPAMtastic! What is the battery life?
battery life is really not great with cheap battery, im running on external power.
theoretically it could run happily for longer on 8x AA battery's.
would be awesome if it also woke you up to the Monty Python song of spam spam spam spam
i was brought up with m.p. i think i overdosed lol <br>

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