Introduction: Spam

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Step 1: Spam

Pink Pork Product.

Step 2: Slice

Pink Pork Produce, eight slices per can, no more, no less.

Step 3: Pan

For Spam, with oil. Heat medium.

Step 4: Fry

Spam in pan.

Step 5: Flip

Spam, in pan, after an interval.

Step 6: Make It Healthy

Sponge Spam with paper towels.

Step 7: Serve

On white bread.



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    My GMail filters this instructable. Then, I can't see it, sorry.

    No, it doesnt matter. If you rate it 1, then 5, it will take the 5 because it is the most updated one.

    At the time it didn't. I think it was a week or so before that bug was fixed.

    Weird, idk if i should flag this for spam or not, cuz it is about spam literally

    I like SPAM, but my g/f won't let me cook it in the house because she hates it.

    I think this is spam. For some reason I was compelled by an unknown force to count the words. About (?) 46.

    You forgot "shave the quarter-inch of yellow fat gunge from the outside of the Spam block".. or am I thinking of corned beef? Also, is there an opposite of "food porn"? Because I think that last image has to exemplify it in some way. Harshly lit white bread and fried spam... beautiful :) not even any HP sauce and a cup of builder's tea?

    2 replies

    Hp sauce and corned beef sandwiches are great, spam not so much, though spam is better fried, corned beef is tasty grilled, especially because you can actually use a toaster on it's side to cook the corned beef.