Spare Laptop Monitor





Introduction: Spare Laptop Monitor

Do you have an old laptop? Save the screen and recycle it!

This is what you need:

- old laptop screen

- HDMI screen controller: HDMI+DVI+VGA Audio LCD Controller Board For AUO 14 B140XW03 V.0 V0 1366*768 (search your controller by typing in the screen model no. in google)

- Back for screen

- Middle spacing for screen

- Back for screen

- two or more 3d printed feet

- 4x M3x12mm bolts

- 4x M3 nuts

Step 1: Measure Your Items and Cut Them With a Lasercutter

Take measurements from the screen and your HDMI screen controller. And make a drawing with Adobe Illustrator. Then go to an lasercutter and put in your design. After that you should me able to cut and fit your parts to the screen and controller.

Step 2: Assemble Your Parts and Screw Them Down Using M3 12mm Nuts and Bolts

Assemble your parts and screw them down using M3x12mm nuts and bolts.

Step 3: Glue the Edges

Glue the edges of the monitor together and make sure it fits snugly around the screen.

Step 4: Controller

Glue the makercase to the HDMI monitor controller. Make sure that the case fits snugly around the controller.

Step 5: Fix the Controller to the Screen

Step 6: Design and Print the Feet for Your Monitor

Design the feet for your monitor using the measurements of your monitor.

I tried to make it as small as possible but still sturdy.

My angle on the monitor is 15 degrees but i think it should be 20 at least.

Step 7: Your Finished Monitor!



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    so i disassembled my laptop screen too much, and all i have left is the screen by itself.. could i still make the monitor?

    2 replies

    If you have removed the pcb that's on the back of the screen (mostly covered under tape that says "do not touch") then no, the board that's mentioned is this instructable has to be connected to that pcb to work.

    Sorry, this instructable is old, forgot to check the date

    Nice work, but I'm curious where you found the screen model number? Just use the model of the laptop? Or the model of the LCD?

    1 reply

    the model number should be on the back of the screen. at least that seems to be where i found mine

    Nice !

    u r telling to find the particular circuit for the particular lcd model. but I found something universal type circuit board from aliexpress . is there any problem with the universal one??

    The frame looks nice, this could be a good setup for my tablet :)