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I was standing in my garage the other day wishing I had a suitable place to rest my bones, when I spied my broken motor parts from my old Firebird. This got my wheels a turning and I came up with a plan to put together a simple stool using only leftover pieces and parts.

If your anything like me, now is when you should hit the "see all steps button"
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
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One old spare wheel, tire optional  -   If your not using a tire I recommend going to an auto store and buying some heavy vacuum line or gas line and splitting it to go around your rim. This will prevent scratches etc in your floor.

One damaged crankshaft  -  I used one from a Pontiac 400 that I ruined the rod bearings in, but a v6 crank may be a more suitable height.

Harmonic balancer  -  This should match the crank you are using ideally. Mine was junk, as the machine shop operator labeled it.

Proper bolt and washer to connect harmonic balancer to crank  -  I had to call a dealership to find out the size of the bolt so I could get it at the hardware store, and found a washer that would work after drilling it out.

Flexplate or flywheel  -  I had an old flexplate for an automatic transmission that wasn't proper for my set up (I could only use 4 of the 6 bolts). I had other options, but they are actually good parts yet. Also need the bolts to attach to the crankshaft.

Wheel spacers  -  These may be unneeded, but I needed something to take up some slack, and I was never going to use these again.

Screws  -  This was my method of attaching the seat to the frame, I didn't use washers with mine (the first time) but I highly recommend it.

Scrap 3/4" plywood  -  This is what will make up the base of the seat that attaches to the frame.

Foam or padding  -  I recently took apart our old worn out bed so that I could make use of the foam, there are many things that would work well here. I used 3" foam cause I have a boney posterior.

Seat covering  -  I used a piece of vinyl I had bought a while back hoping it would work in my car interior, but it wasn't stretchy enough for that. Worked well enough here.

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I like it. Great for the garage man-cave
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Very cool.