Sparebots Selfmade Electronic Waste DIY Project





Introduction: Sparebots Selfmade Electronic Waste DIY Project

About: I like to get back to the technical roots and try to make things without getting too complicated. Thanks for feedback

Make your own sparbots from electronic waste!

These little guys are funny and look nice.

Step 1: What You Need:

- Electronic Waste

- Soldering Stuff

- Creativity

Step 2: Desolder Everything

...title says it all...

Step 3: A Good Stant Is Everything...

It´s important you care for a stabile stand, so the bots can´t overturn.

Solder together as prefered.

A lil advice: LEDs and motors give it more pep

Step 4: Finish and Admire

The bots are finished... watch and lean back.



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    15 Discussions

    Very creative!
    On the last photos, it looks like they are connected and powered. Could you please add info on how they are wired (which part is connected to what, so that the LEDs turn on and/or the motor turns?).

    you should make a tree of LEDs that light up, because that'd be great!

    Thank you all for positive feedback!!!


    3 years ago

    This is cool think i'm gonna desolder Some stuff

    I might try to freak my sister out with one of these little guys!

    My master plan has now come into effect!


    Amazing job man! Hope to see more of your projects around here!