Spare Some Money With DIY Grooving


Introduction: Spare Some Money With DIY Grooving

If you have over sized pictures or paintings and you don't want to spend a million to have them professionally framed, this instructable is for you.

It would save you quite a bit even if your pictures aren't that much oddly sized or you have some 4mm masonite boards to recycle...

Step 1: Marking

Measure 2.5 cm from the margin (distance depends on the clip model you have at disposal), where you wish to have your framing clips.

Step 2: Get Your "Dremel Work Station" or Anything Else Similar

Set the inclination on 45°

Step 3: Grooving

Get your silicon carbide or diamond blade bit and set the machine on about 3/4 maximum speed,

Lowering the shaft through the lever, and sliding slowly the board, make a straight groove into the masonite backing panel; don't cut too deep....

Step 4: Groved

It could look even better than depends on your handy skills.

Step 5: Clip!

Cut either glass or perspex to the sizes you need and...clip everything together!

Should the clip result a bit loose, bend it a bit by hand and re clip it.

Step 6: Enjoy




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