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Introduction: Spark 3D Logo

I designed this Spark 3D logo in collaboration with one of my Autodesk colleagues, Keith Chamberlain, and printed it Autodesk's 3D printer, Ember.

CAD software used:

  • 3D Studio Max
  • ZBrush
  • Meshmixer

3DP software:

Model dimensions:

  • 53mm (X)
  • 40mm (Y)
  • 58mm (Z)

Here's a turntable of the 3D model.

For a link to download .STL of the object without supports, check out the next step. And in the following step, you can download a supported version of the model. Feel free to print and use in a non-commercial capacity.

The link below shows a time-lapse of the Spark logo printing on Ember...

Step 1: .STL of the Model Without Supports

Here's the .STL of the model without supports.

Click to the next step for a .STL of the model with supports...

Step 2: .STL of the Model With Supports

In order to be able to print this model on Ember, I had to generate supports for it. I did this in Meshmixer, using the Ember supports preset (with contact tips of 0.25mm). I pruned away all of the supports that entered the interior volume of the model, so that the supports could be removed without breaking the tessellations of the model.

Here's the .STL of the model with supports, which is ready for 3D printing.

Step 3: Now Share Photos of Your Ember Prints!

We'd love to see what you print on Ember. If you post images of your Ember prints on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, include the #Ember3DP hashtag with your post, so that we - and the rest of the world - can easily find and appreciate them.

Happy 3D printing! And if you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact us. The best way is to submit a request through our support center. We do our best to get back to you within a few hours, during business hours.



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    Any chance we could have a meshmixer or print file that you'd recommend us running to build this?

    Gladly! Just updated with the downloadable .STL's.

    Can you upload the .stl file so we can enter it in the 3D Printed Ornament Design Contest?

    Uploaded. Hopefully not too late?