Sparkle Christmas Ornaments





Introduction: Sparkle Christmas Ornaments

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My new instructable called Sparkle Christmas Ornaments are really cute and it's really easy to make. Also they look gorgeous on your christmas tree.

Step 1: You Will Need...

You will need:

1) Elmer's Glue

2) Ornament filler or a lot of glitter

3) Unfilled and unpainted ornament (any size)

Step 2: How to Start

First, you are going to get the cap out of the ornament. After you take it out you are going to put the ornment filler in or if you used glitter, put the glitter in.

Step 3: To Finish...

Lastly, you are going to put a little Elmer's Glue on the mouth of the ornament. After you put the glue, place the cap on the ornament. Then you are ready to decorate your christmas tree with the Sparkle Christmas Ornaments.



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    Awesome. Would be cool to etch or paint the ornament to personalize it.

    But I have seen them in Wallmart too

    I found the ornament filler at the dollar store