So you didn't win this Sparkle TuTu given away by Gala Darling?
Dry your eyes, show your radical self-reliance and make one!

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Step 1: Supplies

sewing machine
Sparkle from Aniomagic
LED sequins from Aniomagic
thread to match skirt fabric
needle for hand sewing
6 ply conductive thread
4 ply conductive thread
coin cell battery
coin cell battery holder
fray check
<p>I can see a future where each of my four granddaughters will be going to Sunday School in a modestly blinking dress for Easter! (Is it weird for grandfathers to love to design and create fashion?)</p>
https://www.instructables.com/id/For-the-Diva/<br><br>Just thought I'd let you know I included you in my guide! I'm not sure if the pictures are showing up properly because my internet is a little weird, but hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow :)
Do you have any videos of the dress in action?
Real nice instructable. Good descriptions and use of photographs.<br> <br> For a while I have been wondering how to either hide or integrate the conductive thread, or just use old-fashioned colored wire instead and hide it in plain sight.<br> <br> I think the idea to cover it beneath stitches from a sewing machine is excellent, and as a father of a girl I will most likely put it into practice within the next couple of years when over the counter fairy/angel-wings has top upgraded.<br> <br> Kudos for using a model and a photographer.
I've been working on a similar project, but I bought pre-wired LEDs..18 on ultra thin wire...from Amazon.com. They have an always on, blinking and a running pattern at the click of a switch and come in a bunch of different colors. It takes a couple of &quot;AA&quot; batteries.<br><br>By buying prewired, all I have to do is sew them onto my skirt! (yeah, i'm lazy, but if you're looking for a shortcut...)<br><br>See ya on the playa!
Thats a great idea! Do you have a link for this product. Maybe some pictures of your design? Perhaps some other viewers would like to give it a try.<br><br>See you in a dust storm!<br><br>
Yup! The lights are available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001W0YZ1M<br>and I'll try to post a pic when the project is done. I just finished a little el wire decoration on the bodice. The blinky LEDs go on next!
I tried the link, and I guess the don't have them any more ( sigh) so I'm going to go with aniomagic. I hope to combine sparkles with polymer clay to make jewelry. I asked the folks there if I could bake them into PC &amp; they say yes, and if it works, I guess I'll have to do an instructable ( gulp!)
I knew it! I knew the sparkly tutu was you before I saw your name on it! <br>Good work! <br>I'm showing Gameshow when he gets home. <br>Will we get to see it on you in August?
Thanks Katy!<br>
How sparkly should I make my tutu? Is there an amount of sparkle that you would advise against?
Its just like glitter baby - there is never enough sparkle!<br><br>This tutu has 20 LED sequins. I have to test just how many LEDs I can connect to a Sparkle board. Research. Research. Research.
I can foresee this turning into an arms race.<br /><br />I can already envision a day when you go into a bar and all the women will be glowing like Times Square.
Not 'all'. I'm just helping you decided who to pay attention to, yes?
I guess this is true.
I have come back from the future to prevent the creation of the<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Clap-Off-Bra/"> sparkly clap-off bra. </a><br> <br> Dang...too late.
a dad's job is never done. :)
You go to the wrong kind of bars, where I go that's already true ;)
Can't wait to use this for a ballet production!

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