Step 13: Sew LED Sequins

Using the conductive thread and a hand sewing needle attach the Aniomagic sequins to the positive and negative traces.

begin by burying the thread tails in the trace making full contact with the 6 ply conductive thread.
sew to either the positive or negative terminal on the LED sequin by bringing the needle and thread thru the sequin bead 3 times.
bury conductive thread tails in the trace.
clip thread.

repeat for the corresponding terminal and trace.

test for short circuits.

Indulge your Pavlovian needs and slide the battery into the power source and see if the LED blinks and blings.....

Alternate the positive and negative sequin orientation to allow the multiple blinking patterns to be activated.  See Aniomagic's website for details.
<p>I can see a future where each of my four granddaughters will be going to Sunday School in a modestly blinking dress for Easter! (Is it weird for grandfathers to love to design and create fashion?)</p>
https://www.instructables.com/id/For-the-Diva/<br><br>Just thought I'd let you know I included you in my guide! I'm not sure if the pictures are showing up properly because my internet is a little weird, but hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow :)
Do you have any videos of the dress in action?
Real nice instructable. Good descriptions and use of photographs.<br> <br> For a while I have been wondering how to either hide or integrate the conductive thread, or just use old-fashioned colored wire instead and hide it in plain sight.<br> <br> I think the idea to cover it beneath stitches from a sewing machine is excellent, and as a father of a girl I will most likely put it into practice within the next couple of years when over the counter fairy/angel-wings has top upgraded.<br> <br> Kudos for using a model and a photographer.
I've been working on a similar project, but I bought pre-wired LEDs..18 on ultra thin wire...from Amazon.com. They have an always on, blinking and a running pattern at the click of a switch and come in a bunch of different colors. It takes a couple of &quot;AA&quot; batteries.<br><br>By buying prewired, all I have to do is sew them onto my skirt! (yeah, i'm lazy, but if you're looking for a shortcut...)<br><br>See ya on the playa!
Thats a great idea! Do you have a link for this product. Maybe some pictures of your design? Perhaps some other viewers would like to give it a try.<br><br>See you in a dust storm!<br><br>
Yup! The lights are available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001W0YZ1M<br>and I'll try to post a pic when the project is done. I just finished a little el wire decoration on the bodice. The blinky LEDs go on next!
I tried the link, and I guess the don't have them any more ( sigh) so I'm going to go with aniomagic. I hope to combine sparkles with polymer clay to make jewelry. I asked the folks there if I could bake them into PC &amp; they say yes, and if it works, I guess I'll have to do an instructable ( gulp!)
I knew it! I knew the sparkly tutu was you before I saw your name on it! <br>Good work! <br>I'm showing Gameshow when he gets home. <br>Will we get to see it on you in August?
Thanks Katy!<br>
How sparkly should I make my tutu? Is there an amount of sparkle that you would advise against?
Its just like glitter baby - there is never enough sparkle!<br><br>This tutu has 20 LED sequins. I have to test just how many LEDs I can connect to a Sparkle board. Research. Research. Research.
I can foresee this turning into an arms race.<br /><br />I can already envision a day when you go into a bar and all the women will be glowing like Times Square.
Not 'all'. I'm just helping you decided who to pay attention to, yes?
I guess this is true.
I have come back from the future to prevent the creation of the<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Clap-Off-Bra/"> sparkly clap-off bra. </a><br> <br> Dang...too late.
a dad's job is never done. :)
You go to the wrong kind of bars, where I go that's already true ;)
Can't wait to use this for a ballet production!

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