Mini-sparkleball is the holiday light ball everybody loves. Much cuter version of the big sparkleball

You'll need:

1. 50 condiment cups - 1 oz size with slanted sides - like the little cups that ketchup comes in at hamburger places.
2. soldering iron
3. string of mini-lights (50-70 count)

(For a no-melt mini-sparkleball, follow directions on the no-melt
sparkleball instructable substituting the 1oz condiment cups for the 9oz cups.)

And for more variations, inspirations, and photos of sparkleballs from all over the world (including the world's biggest sparkleball), check out sparkleball.com

Step 1: The Right Cups

The easiest way to make a mini-sparkleball is to start with the right cups. Use 1 oz condiment cups, like the little cuties that you pump ketchup into at a hamburger place. They should have slanted sides. Here you see one next to a 9 oz "Solo" tumbler (the cup for a basic sparkleball.)
<p>Did you know that you can make a battery Sparkle ball ? I did I went to 1 tree &amp; bought the battery lights &amp; put them in the ball. That works to .Oh I used a glug gun to melt the bottom of plastic cups to. To put the lights in hole of cups .Try it it works better so u do not have all of string of lights to deal with ok happy campers. </p>
Cool! I made one years ago for a friend's boat, but I bet the battery lights are even better now and last longer.
<p>Awesome ! This is a great idea. Thank you.</p>
I use a high heat glue gun. It doesn't give the plastic smell that a soldering iron does. <br>
ooo this is lovely, i really like the spacey look to it and glitter too, its inspired, im with instructables on facebook too people, join up if you're on there&nbsp;:) Janet, isle of wight , england
can you use the zip tie method on these cups as well ? Do most stores carry these sized cups ? does melting cups damage your solder iron ?
Yes. You can use the zip-tie method if the cups are soft enough to punch holes in. You'll have best luck finding them in a food supply store. (In CA I found them at Smart And Final.) But you can also use 4 oz "souffle" cups. Really any cup with a smaller base than rim (slanted sides.) will work. Others have used the straight-sided cup but these directions won't work with them. Yes, the melting probably ruins your soldering iron. Since I only use it for sparkleballs, I never minded.
great thank you ! this looks really cool

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