Introduction: Sparkler Shower

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Made out of a pack of sparklers.

Similar to dancing devils, shoots a shower of sparks up to 4 ft in the air then dies down to smoldering ashes.

Step 1: Obtain Needed Materials.

Picture of Obtain Needed Materials.

Pack of sparklers (or more for added effects!)
Masking tape or any other type of tape.
Common sense

Step 2: Construct!

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Normally 8 sparklers will give you a nice show, but the more the better.

-Bunch up the sparklers and leave one sticking out from the middle.

-Start taping all of them together making sure the tape is really really tight.

-Bend the bottom wires to make your newly created fire hazard stand upright

Step 3: Light It Up.

Picture of Light It Up.

Make sure you are in an area where there is nothing overhead or anything that can easily catch on fire.

Light it up.

Don't burn yourself.

Be creative.

Im to lazy too rotate the pics, there should be a way to do it on the website once they are uploaded.


dbenn123 (author)2013-04-28

i love things that go BOOM!!! :-]

Fizzxwizz (author)2009-06-26

Warning! my dad makes sparkler BOMBS similar to the way you're making this! So if you wrap it too tight, the end result will be a nasty BOOM! instead of the pleasurable shower of sparks.

lieuwe (author)Fizzxwizz2009-08-04

ehm, no, just no, things don't explode randomly, or by tight packing, things only explode when in a strong container, as your sparklers ignite there is a lot off gas created, which pushes on the container until it explodes, tape is not strong enough to give a bang, unless you use 3872 layers offcourse

Fizzxwizz (author)lieuwe2009-08-06

you'd be surprised...

Fizzxwizz (author)Fizzxwizz2009-08-06

And tell that to the guy that died from it! Well... you cant actually TELL him but you understand.,71550

lieuwe (author)Fizzxwizz2009-08-07

well that guy must have done something wrong(eg. scraping off the sparklers into a metal tube), since sparklers don't flash ignite, it's like trying to make a sparkler go boom, people should still be cautious however, since sparklers are hot...

bennor3 (author)lieuwe2010-04-05

yes they do flash ignite when there in a tight space like wrapped in tape, if you think ur right, do that and hold it in your hand, please take a picture of ur little severed hand laying on the ground for me :D

lieuwe (author)bennor32010-04-07

 my hands aren't little...

you can lose body parts by doing this wrong, but just using tape shouldn't make it explode, if it does you've probably used old sparklers with dried out powder, it shouldn't be dangerous if you use your brains...

boofyvid (author)lieuwe2010-01-22

acctually it is strong enough to create a bang.... i was making my own similar type of thing in the backyard, i used a couple of layers of tape pulled REALLY tight and boom

bennor3 (author)Fizzxwizz2010-04-05

muhahahaha i started makin sparkler bombs at age 12 ROFL, i put 1 inside a pumpkin 1 time rofl, and i have lit a big tree in my yard on fire.

Arbitror (author)2008-07-31

Look at mine! Ill add a video after!

fade400 (author)Arbitror2008-12-19

WOW .. post that video !

fade400 (author)Arbitror2009-01-14

that's quite an artistic video haha

Arbitror (author)fade4002009-01-14

Ya... I had nothing to do, so I thought that I should spice it up a little!

Ya it was pretty wicked...I saw it with my own eyes!
disturbedreaper (author)Arbitror2009-01-11

wow looks evil

Plasmana (author)Arbitror2009-01-02

Video made yet?

Arbitror (author)Plasmana2009-01-03

I'm making it right now... But, its not very good...

Arbitror (author)2008-07-31

Does the whole thing need to be taped?

stncilr (author)Arbitror2008-08-12

never tried it not taped, but my guess is that the sparklers will not shoot up all at the same point, so you wont get that pretty high flame.

Arbitror (author)stncilr2009-01-09

I tried it without tape, and its pretty cool! But, next, i'm going to try in in a metal case!

Plasmana (author)Arbitror2009-01-02

If you do that, it is more likely to explode.

stncilr (author)2009-01-02

once, we tried it with 100 sparklers, the flames that shot out were pretty cool, ut mostly it was a waste of sparklers that could have easily been made into other ones. 30-40 sparklers is a good amount if you want to spend the extra dollars.

i make shooting things (author)2008-07-10

nice zippo

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