Sparkling Lemonade!





Introduction: Sparkling Lemonade!

LEMON is So Fresh!!

Inside of my fridge always exist bunch of lemon :)

This is my daily refreshment with vitamin.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Sparkling Water : any sparkling water is fine. I used 350 mL.

2. Lemon : I used one big lemon.

3. Simple Syrup : water : sugar = 1 : 1. Heat it up (on a stove or by microwave) until all the sugar melts out. and cool. the quantity of it is up to your favor.

Step 2: Squeeze the Lemon.

Squeeze the lemon and remove the seed.

Step 3: Mix!

Mix the lemon juice, sparkling water and simple syrup.

Gently swirl it a little. Now it's done! Enjoy this fresh lemonade~

(I used that big bottle because I don't have any glass in my room.)

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Nice! I voted for you

So simple but do delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Fresh Lemonade classic.
Why I think in my box while others sparkle outside thiers. Thanks, was a new favorite to an already timless FAVORITE.
Worked with Peaches, I used 6 medium just skin, and puree instead of squeeze no Lemon Juice in the eye Made 2qts.