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Introduction: Sparkling Snowflake Ornaments

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Here's an easy way to make a snowflake ornament using an embroidery machine. 
I found this pattern on Urbanthreads.  They have a lot of awesome patterns for embroidery machines, and I bought this one during a half off sale, so it only cost me $1.50.
I hooped a piece of felt, and a piece of stabilizer, and used some shiny blue thread. 
When it's finished sewing, rip off the excess stabilizer, and trim around the design, I left about 1/8" border. 
For the bling, I used some old earrings that were missing their mates. I just stabbed it through the center, and put the backing on to keep it in place. 
I also used glitter, just put some glue in spots, and add glitter, and shake it off, just like you did a million times as a kid. 
Sew a piece of ribbon onto the back, so you can hang it, and that's it!

Simple and easy, very low cost, fairly quick, and makes a very nice decoration or gift. 
Hope you like it! 



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    save your allowance. :)

    It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I think I got it for $380. They sell some for a lot more, but this one is good enough for me.

    thanks. me too. they have an awesome celtic x-mas tree too.