Sparkly Beaded Headband





Introduction: Sparkly Beaded Headband

This instructable will show you how to easily make a fancy beaded headband!

Step 1:


Seed beads- size 11-0

Round Faceted glass beads - 4mm
Glass bicone beads - 4 mm and 3mm

Nylon beading thread

Elastic beading thread

Beading needle

Step 2: Use Seed Beads and Bicone Beads. Repeat Steps Shown in Pictures to Measure From Ear to Ear (I Did 30 Repeats)

Step 3: Add Loops at End. Then Use 3 and 4mm Bicone Beads for Second Row

Step 4: Add Loops to Other End. Then Use 3mm Bicone and 4mm Round Beads Along Top Sad and Bottom Edges

Step 5: Use Elastic Beading Cord to Loop a Few Strands of Seed Beads Across the Back to Join Ends, Measuring to Fit.

Step 6: Weave in and Secure Ends of Thread and Finish!



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    I haven't had that be an issue, but I've only used it as more of a decorative headband and put it on after my hair is styled/put up

    I'm trying to download the pattern but it won't let me.. Why?

    It's really pretty and I liked making it! Thanks for the instructable!! :)

    Cool but I not that crafty I wish that I could do that