Sparkly Snake Face Paint




Introduction: Sparkly Snake Face Paint

Ssssss....get ready to shine through the night with this sparkly snake design which takes the inspiration from Josje Wolters from her 2008 book Just For Fun Faces!

Step 1: Start With Yellow

First, I began with yellow around the eyes, and added more yellow on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and upper lip.

Step 2: Black

Next, I used black to draw semi circles over and under the eyes.

Step 3: Add More Colors

Then, I used a light green, and a dark teal to fill in the rest of the face, blending in the colors, and leaving space on the bottom for the tongue.

Step 4: Add Features

Then, for features, I used black to draw in scalloped outlines for the scales, and painted the tongue red. I also outlined the eyes and tongue with black as well!

Step 5: Add Gems

From there, I decided to take this snake design to a newer level by gluing silver rhinestones on the scales, and shadowing them in with Urban Decay Electric Shadow in Revolt. I also added sparkle to the tongue with red glitter, and added white around the eyes to pump up the lightness!

Step 6: Ssss....

Now, this is one ssssssexy slithering snake with some snazzy sparkle!



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