Driving Sparky is a unique experience, a blend of Martian rover sim and live social networking peppered with frequent technical fire drills. It makes people think about both their fears and attraction to the idea of a human-machine hybrid. But its amazing how quickly people seem to forget that they are speaking with a half-machine cyborg and within a few exchanges, Sparky is able to create a real, human connection between participants.

Over the years, versions of Sparky have served as a gallery tour guide, jazz singer and bandleader, party host and virtual Burning Man participant. But the potential for Sparky is far greater than these examples. What can you make Sparky do? Where would you take it? How do you see telepresence robots affecting the way you interact with the world?

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Bio: Marque Cornblatt was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives in San Francisco. He holds an MFA in Conceptual Arts from SFSU; has a diploma ... More »
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