Step 5: Software

Software: Sparky uses Skype, the popular free VoIP and vide-chat software as the basis for the current telepresence set-up, but we have augmented its chat functionality with custom software that add servomotor control. These files can be modified so you can add any additional functions such as sensors, gripper arms and more.
What vex motors/servos do you use and is it possible for me to use other ones.
Is it possible to make without using vex
Great, it remembers me The Big Beng Theory - Sheldon with his Exterior device ;)
wow...I remember something like this in back to the future 2!!! Marty was in the future cafe 80's. They had this automated talking thing. But it had the bulky pld monitor, not LCD's like today. 2nd!
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there's no rule against it. OREOS!!
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Nth!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> :-P<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> [now if mg0930mg could just point me in the direction of the diaper pail...]<br />
I think that Sparky should be..... a monster truck!<br />
im building one and im using a windows brain and its gonna work awesome.. i just need an electric wheelchair to make it go.. im using an itouch app and netmeeting to use it or if anyone has a different opinion it would be greatly appreciated.. and i dont have an internet connection on it soo i need some ideas
not a bad one. I'd use Linux myself but no reason windows shouldn't work. but to your question just get a usb wifi card. $9.00 for the minimal one required.<br />
the mac mini is still expensive. get a $50 mini itx board and build a computer with it. as an added benefit get a dc to dc adapter and forget about the inverter. save some money and room on your bot.<br />
I am looking to buy the 2009 Mac Mini, Do you like yours? Is there anything I should know before buying it?
How long will the 12v battery last?
Love the robot just wanna ask is there an other brain you could use instead of mac just asking.
Make board probably can take input from mac, windows, and linux. You may have to tweak the source code though.
First? Great Ible =)<br/>
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that comment wasn't really rude...
shadycuz's comment wasn't rude, and neither was yours but people can count comments if they want to there's no rule against it. GOLDFISH!
Yes, but as I said above, it is a childish game.
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Great job. The robot is really cool.
We don't count comments here.
Very True. =D<br/>
can we add a claw??
That's awesome!!! But you might want to add more protection to the make controller. I have a feeling it's going to be kicked by someone's foot.
Thats really trippy. Can't wait till they add working arms. xD
I would like a more detailed wiring description. The project is awesome. By the way, that needle nose pliers are rusty as hell, dude. LOL
i like nuttela, too

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