Picture of Sparky Jr. - DIY Telepresence Robot
"You might call Sparky a state-of-the-art schmooze machine" - Wired Magazine

SPARKY: The name Sparky is based on an acronym for Self Portrait Artifact / Roving Chassis - an art project started in the early 90's using trash, found objects and discarded technology. Sparky Jr. can also be made with a wide range of found or scrounged hardware and components, but this one was created with a mix of new and existing materials

All together, this assemblage of hardware becomes a unique machine - Sparky Jr. - a wireless rover capable of face-to-face video chat over the Internet.

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Step 1: Here is a list of the basic hardware used to Build Sparky Jr.

Picture of Here is a list of the basic hardware used to Build Sparky Jr.
For the Robot Chassis
Mac Mini computer
Lilliput 7 VGA car-puter monitor
iRobot Create robot chassis
Keyspan serial to USB adapter
Logitech USB desktop microphone
Creative Labs Ultra webcam VF0060
USB powered speakers
12 v. 7Ah hobby battery
12 v battery charger
100 watt inverter
Cigarette lighter female socket
Small hardware corner braces
Assorted small 10/32 nuts and bolts
Assorted Erector set parts
Thin plastic sheet
10/32 hardware

For the control computer:
Any web-enabled computer with Webcam
Chat headset
Logitech USB Game pad

Tools needed:
Hot glue and gun
Drill/driver and bits
Zip ties
Matt knife

2nd monitor (for setup)
Table saw/drill press
1/8 and 1/4  Acrylic plastic
small acrylic cubes
Acrylic solvent and applicator
macwhiz3 years ago
Is there a PC version yet?
zombeastly3 years ago
the mac mini is CHEAP????
Jronald3 years ago
The http://www.sparkyjr.com no longer working!!
How much does all this cost?
sparkyrust (author)  BatchBoyProductions5 years ago
It's not exactly cheap if you go and buy everything off-the-shelf, but many of these parts are likely in the back of your closet or junk drawer.  However, at any price, it has better functionality that robots costing $10,000 and up!

Check out www.sparkyjr.com for more details.
=SMART=5 years ago
Wow this is really awesome, super detailed too !