Step 6: Part 2a: Joystick Controller Set-up

Currently, our controller software runs only on a Mac, but the next version will work on both Mac and PC, which will allow a wider range of hardware options.

If the text on your Sparky monitor is too difficult to read because you are using a small TV instead of a VGA monitor, you may want to use a second monitor for the software set-up. Once it is complete, you can switch back to Sparky's permanent monitor.
Is there a PC version yet?
the mac mini is CHEAP????<br>COOL INSTRUCTABLE DUDE<br>
The http://www.sparkyjr.com no longer working!!
How much does all this cost?
It's not exactly cheap if you go and buy everything off-the-shelf, but many of these parts are likely in the back of your closet or junk drawer.&nbsp; However, at any price, it has better functionality that robots costing $10,000 and up!<br /> <br /> Check out www.sparkyjr.com for more details.<br />
Wow this is really awesome, super detailed too !<br />

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