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Introduction: Sparky - the DIY Telepresence Robot

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Sparky is a wireless, web-based video-chat robot from the Gomi Style crew. You can learn how to make your own Autonomous Telepresence robot using spare computer parts, some old toys and a bit of custom software (that we provide at



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    can you use a laptop instead of a mac mini? 

    a can you send a layout for the motherboards.plz oo i was wondering science i have skype on my psp if i could control it from a psp systeme

    That's just awesome.  Wish I had the spare parts to build a project like this.

    i never have strong enough motors for these things. Well, except from the vaccuum cleaner (which is very big and broken). Anyway, for the curcuitary, resistors are measured in hmo, so ho many hmo's are in a volt. I keep frying stuff.

    wicked dude!