Step 9:

I added a bit of brown rope I had around the edge of the mohawk to hide the hot glue that was showing. If you found the helmet was a bit rough on the head you could always glue in a bit of felt to add a bit of comfort.

I`ll be posting some more picutres of the final product and with the costume all together asap.

I also made a Spartan shield to go with this helmet.
<p>This is mine. I made it for a spartan warrior costume :)</p>
Leonidas was a spartan king, and would've had the plume sideways. Just saying.
<p>OMG I just realized you are a woman! Two thumbs up!!</p><p>Dakota</p>
<p>Very nice. The mowhawk is a nice touch.</p><p>Dakota</p>
Like the mowhawk, this is a really cool helm, do you think you could use fiberglass resin?
To be honest I haven't used fibre glass resin on any project myself, thought from what I have seen people do with it I think it would work really well. If you end up making it out of that you should let me know how it goes! I'm always curious about trying new materials.
btw the &quot;mohawk&quot; is actually a hose hair plume, I liked the ible I made one with cardbord and duct tape. Problem in mine I used orange duct tape and spray painted it beaten bronze, it led to the paint chipping and I finally just covered it in plain grey duct tape. I like how u did the dome I made mine by slicing it into strips and taping it ove a base.
Amazing work. Do you have any pictures with it on your head? That would be great for knowing how big to make the parts.
Nice painting technique! Great job on the helmet!
thank you!
Love it! Love that you used broom bristles for the top of the helmet, it looks great on it!

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