Spartan Shield


Introduction: Spartan Shield

Build a shield from an old satellite dish.
You'll need a knife, a wrench, some rope, a dish, and a marker.

Step 1: The Dish

Take the dish off the rest of the unit. You will notice that there are holes in the dish. Don't try to patch these, they're perfect.

Step 2: The Handles

For this you'll need the rope. Start by feeding the rope through on of the holes and tie off the end. Then put the other end threw the whole next to it and tie near the hole and cut off the excess. Do the same to the other two holes. It may take a while to get the lengths of the handle and arm strap, but just keep playing with it till you get it right.

Step 3: The Chevron

Get a marker and put a Spartan chevron on the shield.



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    Look at seamsters cap shield and make it like dis one

    Green jacket, purple shirt? My dear fellow that is not a good combination, but cool Shield.

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    I would agree, but the hat is nice :D

    Yeah that's my little brother, and it's a stussy hat. I don't where you guys are from but, around here THAT's style.

    Where are you from? :D Usa here

    Lol Cali style i guess, Maryland here. Home of Baltimore, one of the msot dangerous cities in the U.S =/

    Don't say cali. My firefox spell checker says it isn't a real word. And it's more of a skater thing than anything.

    woooo,you have fire fox.WHO DOESNT

    My sister and all my friends who don't even own a computer to name a few. But the point of my comment was that cali isn't a real word, not that I have Firefox. Your comment was unnecessary and unwanted.

    So, firefox says lots of things aren't real words. Like masterochicken. So, therefore you have to change your name, because no one can say it!

    I was only kidding. I just get annoyed when people say "Cali" because it seems to further a stereotype.

    I was just kiddin, too. What stereotype?

    i suppose this is true.perhaps i missed the point

    Definitely not a skater thing, around here its what people call it.

    Used to, but then got into parkour and graffiti. A few of my friends are sponsored by local board shops, and what not. I hang around a mix of skaters and other people lol

    I got bored of parkour and went back to skating. Graff doesn't interrupt much though.

    Yeah i sucked at skating so going back to it really wouldnt help. Parkour is something i'm alot better at.