This is a VIDEO, so please click to watch it. In this tutorial I show you how to make a "Spartan Wraith" helmet.

CAN'T SEE THE VIDEO? Here is a direct link: CLICK HERE

<p>That looks Amazing! I'll probably leave it bumpy when I make it just for the older effect, but that's just my opinion. Again, it looks amazing. Your videos are by far the best tutorial videos there are.</p>
well thank you very much! Glad you like the videos
why can I never see a video on mobile?
<p>I added a direct link in the description. Apparently this is an issue that the people at Instructables know about and they are trying to fix it.</p>
My username says it all!
That helmet looks awesome.
Amazing! Man, what artistry!
This is friggin awesome!!! I'd love to see pictures to o along with it
<p>That helmet is so EPIC!</p>

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Bio: I am a fantasy author, artist and film maker.
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