Inspired by the story The Shadow Over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft, this mask transforms me into a citizen of Massachussets who is displaying genetic abnormalities due to a hybridization with an ancient race of "Deep Ones".  The story, about a creepy New England town with a terrible secret, is pretty vague with the details, mostly describing the hybrids as 'fish-frog men'.  I started with the basic idea presented in the story and then let just kind of let myself go, drawing from my own imagination as well as popular artistic representations of Lovecraft's most famous creation, Cthulhu.  Technically, this character is a servant of Dagon.

The materials I used to construct this mask:

One shipping box
One foil-embossed poster for the movie Ultraviolet
A few issues of The Onion
Several cups of flour
A few yards of crushed velvet
Two four-inch party balloons.  Mine had pictures of superheroes on them.
Some sheer fabric
A sewing machine and associated doo-dads like needles and stuff
Miscellaneous scraps of cardboard
Acrylic varnish
Masking tape
Duct tape

Step 1: Invent a Monster Out of Nothing

I came up with a premise beforehand, but this monster was essentially developed from the materials as I worked.  I knew that it needed to be fishlike, and I envisioned it with a long snout hanging down my chest.  Having recently acquired an old sewing machine, I was looking forward to making tentacles, so I intended to make it look like I was just vomitting tentacles out of a huge fishmouth.  So I knew it should have a huge mouth.

I started by roughing out a basic shape with an Ultraviolet movie poster and a Diamond Comics shipping box.
The poster was folded into a tube into which I was able to fit my head.  I cut large openings for the eye-holes.  If my head could successfully fit into this section, then I was free to build anything else I wanted around it!

Taking large hunks of the shipping box, I built up the general shape of the mask around the head area and taped the pieces into place.  I filled in the empty spaces with newspaper.
<p>This is seriously fantastic. I was doing some research for a Cthulu/Cultist costume I had in mind, trying to see what people out there are doing for tentacles. I think I'm going to try making mine with a floral wire (super light) core so I can bend and adjust them, maybe cling wrap and latex to make 'em rubbery. Anywho! I really enjoyed your tutorial, and the final product was perfect, he'd definitely be welcomed in Y'ha-nthlei. </p>
<p>Thank you! I wished I had run floral wire through just a few of my tentacles, but they were so ABUNDANT that I guess I don't really need to!</p>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Thank you so much! I am very excited
I think your costume is awesome!
Thank you kindly!
Awesome mask, I love the way the curly tentacles turned out!
Oh pokiespout, so glad to see you back with another crazy rad mask! Glorious work, as always.
You can always count on me to crawl out from under my rock around this time of year!
That is a wicked mask! &nbsp;Wonderful work :D

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