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Materials needed:
Enamel coated Wire
Stereo chord
Meter Stick

First: Measure 142cm of enamel coated wire.

Step 1:

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Roll the enamel coated wire around a cylinder object in order to create a coil. You wrap the wire into a coil so the electrons can shoot across because they have to shoot diagonal . The more loops you have in the coil, the better the sound will be, so make the coil have a diameter of around 5 cm. 

Step 2:

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Pull the wire off the cylinder and make sure it remains in a coil.

Step 3:

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What the coil should look like:

Step 4:

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Take a piece of tape and tape the coil/wire to your resonator..

Step 5:

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Take a razor and strip the coating at each end of the wire in order for the wire to conduct.

Step 6:

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Plug each end of the wire that have been stripped into the speaker cables/cords. 

Step 7:

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What it should look like:

Step 8:

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Position magnet in order to set the box with coil directly above/on top of the magnet.

Step 9:

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Not a very good photo of how the alignment should look but the center of the magnet should make some contact with the coil, almost perfectly aligning. 

Step 10:

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Now listen to the stereo, gradually increasing the volume until it cuts out!


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