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This instructable shows how to upcycle a set of old speakers into a new more portable system, great to use with your computer or ipod. I have made one of these before with a set of computer speakers (left, right spkr and sub) and it works great. I basically build a box to fit all the components into one unit. Eliminating the mess of wires affiliated with multiple separate speakers. In this Instructable I am using old Bose outdoor speakers that would have been garbage.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

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The tools I used were a screwdriver, ruler, pliers, wire strippers, table saw, scroll saw, nail gun, power drill, screws, and wood glue. the material I used was 1/2" MDF.

Step 2: Find Old Speakers!

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Get yourself a set of speakers, preferably with cords already attached for an outlet and a headphone jack. I was given these old Bose outdoor speakers just before they were about to be garbage. They didn't work, but now they do!

Step 3: Dismantle Speakers

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Dismantle the speaker housings and remove the speakers. Next, take everything else out of the housing including all the wires and components. (Keep all the hardware!)

Step 4: Layout & Measurement

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Next, lay out all the components on a table to get an idea of whats going in the box. Next take the speakers and components and measure everything. This will give you an idea on how big your box should be. I like to give myself a 1/2" extra in every dimension so the interior of the speaker box isn't too cramped.

Step 5: Cutting the Pieces for the Box

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Once you figure out the dimensions of all your components and you know the right size box you need, lay out a plan for your box on the material your using. Mine was a simple 12"x6"x6" box, yours may be different depending on your speakers. Don't forget to factor in the thickness of your material while cutting. I'm using 1/2" MDF. After your pieces are cut do a dry run and make sure they all fit snug.

Step 6: Cutting the Holes for the Speakers

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Next measure the diameter of your speaker, Once you have that measurement transfer it to the front panel of the box that you cut and cut a hole out for the speaker using a scroll jaw. Sand the inside edges of the hole for a cleaner finish.

Step 7: Partial Assembly and Placement

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Mount half of the box together using wood glue and brad nails. Begin mounting in the speakers and figuring out the best location for all the components. secure everything tightly. You can often use the same hardware that was already being used in the old housings.

Step 8: Holes for Wires and Closing the Box

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Next cut 2 small holes in the back face for the wires to come out. One for the headphone jack wire, and one for the outlet wire. Plug it in and make sure it works then seal it up. Mount the back face by using screws to allow for later access.

Step 9: Wire Management

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This step is optional but it keeps your wires organized while your speakers not in use. Use two coat hooks and mount them on the back near the holes you cut for the wires. You can now wrap the wires around these hooks.

Step 10: Note:

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These speakers were garbage and the volume knob didn't work, but the volume can still be controlled through the device it's plugged into. If your speakers have a working volume knob just simply drill an extra hole in the face of the box before assembly. Then just mount the knob in that location with the volume knob post going through the hole to the outside of the box.


masterinstructorman98 (author)2012-12-06

where were you able to obtain these speakers and what is the model number to those bose speakers anyways i really kind of want to know thanks anyways if you dont know oh well anyways

zvillesurfer (author)2009-11-16

i like it all except for the macintosh.

toogers (author)zvillesurfer2010-07-29

MAC HATERS, UNITE! linux users, also unite!

jakebaldwin (author)toogers2010-11-10

Deep down, Mac is Linux too. I use both.

toogers (author)jakebaldwin2010-11-19

true, but mac is held up by loads of restrictions on software.

TheMohammad (author)2009-10-08

Hi friend
The Hole on the orginal speaker box is not for fun, it related to tuning freq. of the box :)

DIY Dave (author)2009-08-24


Jakeanator12 (author)2009-05-22

Great work it looks really clean. i would love to see a vid or an audio clip or something..great work

hell_raiser_1 (author)2009-03-09

I bet they sound really nice !!!!! i think it would've been bettter to make an extra compartment for all the hardware. Im trying this but im using, a 2 channel 75W rms car mini amplifier and 2 60w boston acoustic 4.5 " subs and to power it im using an ATX power source... Sounds nice right... well at least in paper. By the way im am building the extra compartment for amp so i can add a couple of coolers.

mbandgeek (author)hell_raiser_12009-03-28

Your amp/speaker configuration should work, but I would suggest a more powerful amplifier.

General rule of thumb is 1.5 times the RMS wattage of the Speakers you are using. Usually 2.0 or 2.5 times for subs. Otherwise you're going to have Amplifier clipping problems.

noahw (author)2009-03-10

Are any of your materials from ThinkGeek?

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