These speakers may look familiar to those who know me and they are!! These are the speakers that were shown on my last Instructable 'The CD Rack'. I have made them from the scrap oak from the CD rack and a speaker system found on the following website. Click here. Sustainable or What!!! They can connect to any Phone/iPod with a 3.5mm Jack plug, they charge Ipods and can be played using battery power and/or a plug. They have adjustable volume and a display LED with an on/off switch.

The Materials:

-Wood or Acrylic( i used the scraps from my previous project)
-Dowel( 2.5mm)
-high strength polystyrene(A colour of your choice, I used ivory black)
-Speaker wire
-thermosetting plastic
-sticky base pads

The Tools and Equiptment

-Screw driver
-soldering iron
-set square
-wood glue
-hot glue/hot glue gun

Step 1: Design

I have made a simple design that it is a square. the main reason for this shape is because i made them to fit into my CD Rack. Your designs can be varied and customized to suit your  needs in anyway you want. this is because this Instructable holds the key production stages of making all speaker systems.

I had to make sure that all of the sound was projected forward from the speakers. the reason for this is because you don't really want the walls dancing!!

To do this you need to design a box like shape, mine was a box.

To get rid of vibrations which create a tinny sound an insulator must be added or the design for the inside to propel the sound forward instead for absorb it.
<p>I would like very much to build a similar set up, and can handle the <br>woodworking part without a problem. Not very electrically inclined can <br>anyone tell me where I can order a speaker kit like the one used in the <br>this instructable in the USA</p>

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