Speaker Hack : Secret Safe





Introduction: Speaker Hack : Secret Safe

transform your old stereo speaker into a useful safe.



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    I just made one to where you turn it around, and stick your finger in the hole, and pull on it.

    *sigh* I am guessing that many of you wouldn't last long doing robberies. From what I can gather from the comments from the peanut gallery:
    1: All of you are going to spend hours and hours searching every crevice for the 'possibility' of something.
    2: You're willing to make lots of noise knocking things over/breaking things open for a half bottle of Vodka (BTW you just got a couple bucks worth of buckshot from that noise at my house).
    As I said on another of these that people were giving heck about.. A simply genius idea! Hidden in plain site and you would have to be about 6'5" to have a chance to see the top of that I am guessing.

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    Though, I do have to agree that if you can.. I would leave the speaker in to help hide it.

    this is a great idea! but if someone breaks into your house, what do they steal?

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    Not the $10 speakers on the shelf. The $500 subs, $2000 amp, and $150 deck from your car. Trust me.

    actually they tend to go for smaller valuable items, the larger ones are harder to haul out.

    I know from personal experience, they steal it all, all 300pounds of it, subs aren't light, stick it in a wheel barrow, take it down the street and torch it.

    A whole different class of criminal over there eh? Everything i own of any value is attached to my desk via 0.5" steel security cable.

    huh. everything i own of considerable value is booby trapped so that it shocks you if you pick it up without holding a button conveniently on my desk.

    dude thats cool make an instructable with that!!

    Dude, necroing is not OK. Especially when it's something that wouldn't reasonably still EXIST after this long.

    Now that would make a good instructable!


    lol the SPEAKERS!!!

    certainly not your non-functional stereo. Just make sure to turn both speakers into safes.

    wouldnt some one notice the lock on the top?

    I wanna know the name of that song that's playing on your video and who's the playing it.

    Not to sound like a jerk or anything. But if i noticed a keyhole on a speaker I'm pretty sure I'd figure out something was in there. Just throwing that out.

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    actually, some speakers have keyhole slots in the back for hanging. just put the locking mech there!

    The only problem with leaving the speaker in is that if you try to hide DVDs, Hard Drives, or things like that a speaker magnet will seriously mess them up. I also like the idea of the magnetic lock.