Speaker in a 9v Case!





Introduction: Speaker in a 9v Case!

I was thinking about a little portable
Speaker to build. But I was thinking
About the enclosure for it, so I came
Up with 9v battery case.

Step 1: Parts and Tools.

1: dead battery

2: piezo speaker

3: 3.5m audio jack

4: little piece of foam

5: piece of plastic


Soldering iron


Super glue

Sand paper

Big cutters

Step 2: We're I Got My Little Piece of Foam.

We'll took it out of a pair of old
Headphones, they were broken
So I just cut that piece out.

If you don't have that of foam
Just use a metal grid.

Step 3: Get the Battery Case

Open Little slabs of metal, get The battery out, should look like this.

Step 4: Fit the Speaker

Cut the edges of the speaker, so it can fit

Step 5: Connect to Audio Jack

Solder the speaker to the audio jack.

Step 6: Put Together the Casing

Use the big scissors cut the plastic.
Then cut in half.

Step 7: Glue the Speaker in the Case

Super glue the speaker in the middle of the case.

Step 8: Cutting the Foam

Cut the foam the with big scissors,
To fit in the case. Then Superglue foam in case.

Step 9: Make Hole for Audio Jack

Solder a hole for the audio jack on the
Plastic. Then fit in the case.

Step 10: Listen

It sounds okay but portable



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    Thanks for your vote Kevin

    We'll the the speaker is
    Just for quiet moments

    The is foam is to
    Cover the other side of
    The case.

    may i know where to fix the foam ?? is it above the speaker ??

    Very clever, and so small! I love the use of 9v battery, and I'm impressed that you could fit a whole speaker inside of it.

    YOU got my vote

    We'll it was a piezo speaker
    Of course, so it can fit
    If I trim it and I did, and it
    Fits good. It's not really loud but sounds good.

    i cant hear the sound LOL