Olá, este projeto é "baseado" em outro que vi acho que aqui no instructable ou pela internet mesmo, mas é um modelo muuito simples e fácil de fazer, este não possui amplificador ele apenas tem um plug que vai no gadget. Futuramente eu pretendo adicionar um amplificador e um controle de som.


Hello, this project is "based" on the other I think I saw here in the instructable or even the internet, but it is a veery simple and easy to make, this model has no amp he just has a plug that goes in the gadget. In the future I plan to add an amplifier and sound control.

Step 1: What We'll Need.

Eu tinha esses 2 speaker de 4 ohm's e 2 watts sobrando e então eu usei eles.

Vamos precisar:
- 2 speakers;
- Fita dupla face;
- 2 "cotovelos" de pvc, o angulo que você quiser e que tenha o diâmetro interno igual ou muito próximo do diâmetro externo do speaker;
- plugs de fone;


I had these two 4 ohm speaker's and 2 watts left and then I used them.

We will need:
- 2 speakers;
- Double-sided tape;
- 2 "elbows" pvc, the angle you want and having the inner diameter equal to or very close to the outer diameter of the speaker;
- Headphone plugs;

Step 2: Assembly

1- Medir o diametro do speaker para consegui o "cotovelo" que mais se adeque.
-> meu speaker tem aproximadamente 50mm de diametro, então comprei um "cotovelo" de pvc com 50mm.

2- Com uma micro-retífica, furadeira ou qualquer outra ferramenta, fazer um furo na parte de "trás" do "cotovelo".
-> para passar os fios do speaker.

3- Corte 2 pedacinhos da fita dupla-face.
-> coloque na parte inter do "cotovelo".

4- Encaixe o speaker dentro do cano e aperte.
-> pode sobrar uma parte da fita dupla-face para fora, para deixar um pouco mais bonito, limpo, com uma chave de fenda vc pode empurrar a fita para dentro do cano e sempre apertando o speaker no cano.

5- Final:
-> Passe os fios do plug para dentro do "cotovelo" pelo furo que foi feito e então só soldar e pronto, está feito o Speaker de Cano :D

É isso ai, simples e legal!

Futuramente eu pretendo aumentar este speaker, colocar um speaker maior, colocar amplificador(pequeno mesmo) e uns comandos de volume. 


1 - Measure the diameter of the speaker to achieve the "elbow" that best fits.
-> My speaker has about 50mm in diameter, then bought an "elbow" of pvc with 50mm.

2 - With a micro-grinding, drilling or any other tool, make a hole in part of "behind" the "elbow".
-> To run wires from the speaker.

3 - Cut 2 pieces of double-sided tape.
-> Put on the cross the "elbow".

4 - Insert the speaker into the pipe and tighten.
-> Can remain a part of the double-sided tape out, to leave a little more beautiful, clean with a screwdriver u can push the tape down the pipe and always pushing the speaker in the barrel.

5 - Final:
-> Run the wires plug into the "elbow" the hole that was made and then just weld and done is done Speaker Cano: D

That's it, simple and cool!

In the future I intend to increase this speaker, put a larger speaker, put amplifier (even small) and a volume controls.

Step 3: Finished

Step 4: #Update!

Olá Pessoal, tudo bom?
Eu desenhei uma peça, e imprimi, para colocar os controles de som e o amplificador, de um jeito que dê para tirar e colocar sem muuito esforço, ainda está no primeiro protótipo mas vou melhorando aos poucos, pena que vai deixar de ser Simples o Speaker Pipe  =/ 

Após imprimir eu fui fazendo uns testes para achar os lugares certos dos furos, eu usei um amplificadorzinho de computador mesmo que eu tinha aqui guardado, de cara ele não coube dentro do cano então eu fui cortando ele de modo que não estragasse, fiz alguns jumpers para ajudar, troquei o LED de posição pra não deixar tudo meio apertado...

TERMINEI! imprimi a peça nos tamanhos certos e encaixou certinho, depois dei uma lixada e passei um pouco da "solução preparadora" pois é praticamente ACETONA, passei com o algodão pra ficar mais bonitinho.


Hi Guys, how are you?
I'm giving each Updates on my "Speaker Pipe", i drawed a piece, and i printed him, to put the sound controls and amplifier, one way take out to and to  put  in the hole, is still on the first prototype but I'm improving slowly, but sorry that will no longer be the Simple "Speaker  Pipe" = / 

After printing, I did some testing to find the right locations of the holes, I used an amplifier computer even though I had saved here, first he did not fit into the barrel, so I had to cutting it for him to enter and not to spoil, made ​​some jumpers to help, I changed the LED position for not to let too tight ...

FINISHED! after printing I sanded and spent a bit of "preparer solution" because it is virtually ACETONE spent with cotton to become more cute.

Salve! <br>Realmente &eacute; dif&iacute;cil ver postagens em portugu&ecirc;s. <br>Aqui no Instructables tem v&aacute;rios circuitos de amplificador baseados no integrado &quot;LM 386&quot;, funcionam bem, custam pouco e ficam pequenos (fiz um que cabe na caixa de Tic-Tac). <br>Um abra&ccedil;o!
Uou! Ficou super bacana, da at&eacute; para pintar antes ;) Estava vendo esse produto (vi um pessoal que faz para vender e pelo visto cobram &quot;bem&quot;) essa semana, queria fazer um para alto-falantes de 5&quot; mas na minha cidade n&atilde;o tem lugar que venda tubos desse tamanho!! :( Parab&eacute;ns pelo teu instructable em Portugu&ecirc;s, seguido leio o site mas nunca tinha visto ningu&eacute;m postar algo na nossa l&iacute;ngua! De novo parab&eacute;ns!
Muito obrigado Gruviaro, <br>nunca vi algu&eacute;m vendendo, pelo menos aqui no Brasil, acho que canos de 5&quot; vai poder encontrar de outros modelos talvez, eu n&atilde;o medi mas vi alguns canos grandinhos Brancos. <br> <br>:D
<p>Excellent! I suggest a faux finish copper paint and go full-on steampunk!</p>
I love your simple idea..... I am going to make this.... Thank you☺☺☺
<p>Thank you, I'm happy to see :D</p>
Finalmente algum br no instructables! /o/<br>Cara, ficou muito bom o seu projeto!<br>Estou pretendendo fazer um parecido, s&oacute; que usando um pote de whey-protein hehehe<br>To te seguindo!
Are the speakers alone with a headphone cord (no potentiometer or amplifier) loud?
They are adorable, i'm going to do one. <br> <br>Thanks fot the instrucatble
A very good project, which I will be doing, and 1,000 points for the added translation! Well done lad!
Eu fiz algo parecido mas adicionei um amplificador de 5v que ligo por usb ao PC. <br> <br>I've done something similar, but i added an mini amp that runs on 5v. that is powered by usb from my PC
Ol&aacute; Amendes2, <br>No come&ccedil;o esta era a minha inten&ccedil;&atilde;o, mas n&atilde;o consegui achar somente um amplificador simples para colocar ai acabei deixando pra l&aacute;, eu estou fazendo uns testes aqui para fazer a Vers&atilde;o 2 deste speaker, que &eacute; colocar um amplificador e o controle do volume. <br> <br> <br>:D
Hi WCR <br>Congrats <br>to another very good solution of creating a cheap and efficent speaker. I like it much;-))) <br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Thank you very much Junophor! <br>When I have time I'll post more step-by-step more speakers that I'm doing, but I'm out of time to finish them, this speaker I finished some time and only now published xD
XD That main picture makes them look eyes in that &quot;It's not what it looks like&quot; expression
Hi Numbuh1Nerd, <br> <br>Haha, that was a compliment? or it seems that the picture makes the cute speaker? <br>This picture I drew for my instagran, I liked it! <br> <br> <br>:D
Certainly an interesting curio. An excellent idea might be setting the speaker behind the top rim and stretch some taught rubber or something over top to keep water out. Hey presto outdoor speakers. Just don't know if they will survive cold weather.
Hello psycophonic, <br>your idea is interesting indeed, but I believe that cap the speaker will not get the sound, because it will drown. <br>But if you do not care much about the &quot;beauty&quot; of the Speaker, can do what you said, putting the speaker farther into the barrel and then leave it upside down, I think that by doing so the sound will come out normally and I also think not suffer with water trying to enter the pipe. <br> <br> <br>:D
It is excellent, so simple and useful. I'm going to make some big ones as I have lots of speakers laying around. Good Xmas gifts I think. Thankyou.
I thank you marc_macd! <br>I'm seeing here as reusing a speaker from damaged computer to put in Pipe Speaker to control the volume, soon I'll post version 2. : P <br>I hope they like the present, it will be something unique, you will not find in any store! <br> <br>:D
That's it!<br>My English is not so good, so I thought it best to use the google translator, but I tried to be as simple as possible.
WCR good work. dont worry. Language cannot be a barrier to understand somebody. <br>Pictures explains everything.
Thank you mahesh_jo! <br>I hope my photos can explain everything because it has no secret to making this speaker. <br> <br>:D
you could make a robot and have the speakers as eyes <br>
I've thought about it, but I did not have enough time to do it. I did a &quot;speaker&quot; similar to what you said -&gt;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Speaker-Monster-Paper-Prototype/" rel="nofollow"> https://www.instructables.com/id/Speaker-Monster-Paper-Prototype/</a> I want to make a better version and I'm making another for the pair, so I terminer I'll make an instructable.<br> <br> :D
Can u do this in English plz
Look more closely.. He's done this in both his native language (Portugese, according to Google) as well as English.

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