Introduction: Speaker Robot (Mech Warrior)

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I wanted to do a unique art installation in my garage. I spend a lot of time working on projects and listening to music in my garage. I came across this idea after remembering Mech Warriors a PC game that came out in the 90's. It was the coolest thing ever when I was in middle school. I had an old self powered sub and an amp unit I got from a friend. After a little creativity and some craft paint made something I am proud of.

Not a hard project by any means. I am helping a friend create one in his game room.

Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Supplies and Wall Prep

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Supplies Needed:
1. white wall paint (not flat)
2. Large Sharpie or permanent marker
3. Strait Edge
4. Projector of some sort ( I borrowed the one from work for a weekend)
5. Stereo Amp ( I had an old one)
6. Speakers ( I got mine from a local thrift store for $20)
7. Craft paint black and silver (Purchased from Wally World 99 cent each)

 The wall was a little dirty so I white washed it with a fresh coat of paint. I used a flat white that was laying around in my garage.
(I don't recommend a flat paint. Dries out the tip of the sharpie used to draw outline and absorbs paint for detail work uses twice the paint. Recommend a egg shell or satin paint. )


Step 2: Design

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I pulled up some Mech Warior picture off the Internet and used them as reference.
I threw around a few ideas for what i wanted.

Step 3: Support Box

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I used some scrap wood to build a box to hold sub and Stereo unit. Nothing to fancy its only a glorified shelf. Used an L bracket from a screen room I had to support the bottom. Made sure to attache it to a stud. Box will also help hold speakers.

Step 4: Projecting

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Next is to use the projector and computer to project image onto the wall. I used an strait edge and sharpie to transfer the image.

Step 5: Install Speakers

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Attach speakers to wall and insert sub and amp unit. Be sure when screwing speakers to wall to hit the stud each speaker weighs about 10 lbs.

Step 6: Paint It!

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I am only an okay painter so stuck with a basic black and silver scheme.  Went back and added detail with large sharpie.

Now plug it in and enjoy!
Neighbor kids love it. They say I have a transformer in my garage.


AlternateLives (author)2011-11-30

Very nice! If i wasn't renting, I would totally do this! (though I would probably use a MadCat instead of Adder or Jaguar (the two you posted.))

Lorddrake (author)2011-09-08

A really innovative way to incorporate you stereo into artwork..

geovane68 (author)2011-09-08

Very well

mikeasaurus (author)2011-09-08

I used to love MW, the mech body lends itself perfectly for this. Nice job!

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